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RFID-RC522 RFID Reader Modules – Why they don’t work and how to fix them

  Recently I purchased a lot of the RFID readers with the name “RFID-RC522” from China.  These were sold as using the MFRC522 chip, but on inspection the chip was blank beyond an orientation marker on them.  Initial experiments showed that these boards could read the MiFare Classic cards reliably, but I couldn’t get them…

Nextion Displays

I recently purchased a couple of Nextion displays.  These clever little things combine an ARM processor and a resistive touch screen display in to a single unit.  Not too amazing on its own, but what is great is ability to rapidly create a UI and link that back to whatever you wish via TTL serial….

Addressable Pixel LED Strips

With the advent of cheap RGB LED strips it was only a matter of time before they managed to integrate more intelligence in to the LEDs to make them addressable.  They’re plummeting in price every day and they’re amazingly simple to control thanks to a great library available for the Raspberry Pi.  The LED strip…